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New Twist Cork launched by leaders in wine packaging

  A Helix cork next to an empty bottle

The two global leaders in wine packaging, Amorim and O-I, today launched the Helix cork following a four year collaboration. Helix is an innovative threaded cork-glass wine packaging solution for the popular premium, fast turnaround still wine segment.

"Helix is a proven example of what can be achieved for consumers and the wine trade when the world's leading companies in glass packaging and cork work together." said O-I European President Erik Bouts.

The new 'twist to open' concept combines an ergonomically-designed stopper made from cork and a glass bottle with an internal thread finish in the neck, creating a high performing and sophisticated wine packaging solution. Helix combines all the benefits of cork and glass - quality, sustainability and premium image with user-friendly, re-sealable convenience. It can be quickly and easily implemented by wineries with only a minor adjustment to the existing filling lines.

"Helix meets consumers' growing desire for sustainability and quality, while delivering the brand building and premium image packaging wineries rely upon", added Antonio Amorim, Chairman and CEO of Amorim. "We are delighted to offer the market not only a 100% renewable, modern product, but also a solution that enhances the wine drinking experience through opening and resealing convenience."

In extensive testing conducted by Amorim and O-I, wine packaged in Helix glass bottles with cork stoppers showed no alteration in terms of taste, aroma or colour.  

As part of the development process, market research in France, UK, USA and China revealed great consumer acceptance of Helix for fast turnaround and popular premium wines.

In addition, consumers also appreciated retaining the festive "pop" associated with opening a bottle of wine.