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Assistant Farm Manager - Arable - Saudi Arabia


Assistant Farm Manager - Arable - Saudi Arabia - Job Description

Recruiter name: Almarai

Industry Sector:
Date posted:
26 July 2011 
Closing date:
25 August 2011 
Job reference:
Middle East
Job type:
Full Time
excellent taxfree package
Core Purpose of Job:
To manage the resources placed in his control to produce the requisite quantity and quality for all responsibilities assigned by the implementation of the highest standards of crop husbandry and the adherence to good management principles and practises.
Areas of Responsibility
1.To develop the strategic direction for the farms in conjunction with Regional Arable Farms Manager to ensure the most cost effective and profitable production system which meets the Divisions requirements for quality forages.
2.To ensure that all sites achieve or surpass the contractual obligations, as well as, physical and financial targets as agreed with Arable Farm Manager to meet the objectives of the Division.
3.To develop a management/operational team by training, mentoring and coaching to ensure that a suitable level of skills is available at all times to manage the sites.
4.To assist the Regional Arable Farms Manager in monitoring costs on all sites and ensure internal controls are in place to comply with the requirements stipulated in the Almarai Finance Manual.
5.To ensure that replacements and project capital expenditure plans are maintained efficiently.
6.To coordinate business activities between farm sites to ensure the most efficient management of the resources available to him.
7.To ensure that Company Health & Safety guidelines are complied with on all sites to result in a safe working environment for all staff
1.To prepare, in conjunction with his assistants and crop foremen a capital and revenue budget for the coming year for approval of GM Farming.
2.Monitor the performance of the sites in achieving their financial and physical budget and take corrective action in situations where there are deviations.
3.To assist the Arable Farms Mgr in preparing and implementing a cropping plan for all sites.
4.To assist the Arable Farms Mgr in ensuring that all planting, irrigation, fertilizing, weed and pest control, and harvesting are carried out in a timely fashion and in accordance with the required standards.
5.To supervise and ensure implementation of company policies in all Arable Farms.
6.Monitor and assess the performance of all Farm staff.
7.To guide and assist all subordinates in achieving their objectives.
8.To assist the Arable Farm Manager in preparing capital expenditure proposals for the purchase of new machinery and equipment for the farms.
9.To devise an annual machinery and equipment replacement policy for approval by Reg. Arable Farms Mgr.
10.To coordinate and facilitate in conjunction with the Feeds Manager the movement of hay stocks from his sites to the Dairy Farms.
11.Ensure that Company Health and Safety Guidelines are adhered to at all times
Job Dimensions:
There are three main forage production sites within the Hail area, and they oversee the production of the following:
Al Kabir Farms NADEC HADCO
50,000mt of Alfalfa hay 50,000mt of Alfalfa hay 50,000mt of Alfalfa hay
100,000mt of Maize silage 40,000mt of Maize grain 10,000mt of Maize silage
2,000mt of Maize grain 30,000mt of Maize grain

The budget profit for Al Kabir farms for 2005 is 8,500,000 SR.

In the case of HADCO and NADEC, while we are responsible for all aspects of harvesting the crop, the role is advisory to develop the sustainable production of high quality forage at an acceptable cost. The majority of this forage is destined for the Almarai dairy farms through we also supply Prince Sultan Stables, other dairy companies and wild life research institutes.

In addition to the workforce from HADCO and NADEC , 130 Almarai staff are employed in all aspects of forage production.
Job Context:
As with most farming operations the job requires being on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The production of Alfalfa hay requires that final harvesting operations be conducted at night to ensure maximum quality.
Accommodation on site and vehicle are provided due to the isolated Hail location.
With the exception of school holidays the Hail farms are not suitable for families with children of school age.
Key Relationships:
Reg. Arable Farm Manager
Feeds Manager for allocation of forage.
Oversees representatives from machinery manufactures and crop input production for technical advice and opportunity.
All Regional Arable Farms Manager's Assistants.
B Sc. Agriculture or equivalent qualification.

Minimum of 3 years experience in the management of large scale crop farms within the company.

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