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Black to the future: Guinness is a now a black lager in the United States.


Diageo have revealed big plans to crack America's thirst for flavoured, imported lagers with a new concept for the Americans - Black Lager.

With their sights set on continued growth in the US marketplace, Diageo is hoping to win their battle of the brands by wooing new customers and winning back the buyers who have shunned new takes on the well-established brand..

After testing the beer in San Diego and Chicago, the group are confident that the nationwide launch this month, will tap into the huge US beer trade and challenge the countries current decline in overall beer sales. .

Oliver Loomes, Guinness' global brand director said, "If we crack it, the numbers will be big. In the US, Guinness is a small player, so if ....we could get an extra 1% or 2% share of the market, then that would be quadrupling the current size of the business.".

Diageo has already witnessed a 3% increase in sales in the US, in their last fiscal year and the group believe that consumers have "endorsed" Black Lager as a credible part of the Guinness brand..

At 4.5% abv, it is currently being priced at around $8.49 per six- pack, putting it in-line with already established premium imported beers..

If the launch is welcomed in the US the group can see scope for branching out into other markets..

"Safe to be said that if we can make this thing successful in the US then over time it'll be very successful for the business," said Loomes. .

"In the world of beer, the majority is lager, while stout is a relatively small part. If we could tap into all of those people that are consuming lager via the Guinness brand, then that would clearly offer us huge potential.".