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France's Burgundy region lose 90% of harvest due to severe hailstorms


Top wine producing vineyards in France's Burgundy region have suffered 'catastrophic' damage after hailstorms and high winds on Tuesday and it is feared that between 75-90% of this year's crop may have been lost.

High winds and hailstorms caused serious damage in the Beaune region, which covers a 12 mile area, affecting well known wine growing villages such as Meursault in the south to Savigny-les-Beaune to the north and includes Volnay and Pommard.   

Leaves were ripped from the vines and the grapes burst.  It depends how many leaves are left to protect the remaining grapes.  The northern part of the area was the worst affected with Pommard and Beaune being worst hit with damage hitting 70-90% of vines but the BIVB reported that no vineyard is untouched.

The Burgundy region produces some of France's most expensive grand crus wines with the Lest Epenots grand crus being one of the hardest hit.  After a poor harvest last year due to late frosts and disease the vineyards in the Burgundy and Beaujolais region had recently predicted a harvest of 2.31 million hectolitres - an increase of over 30% on last year.