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If You See Kay Off To A Flying Start

October 24, 2012, 6:37 am

The naughty If You See Kay label

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Fashion house French Connection staged an advertising coup with the acronym FCUK.

Now an American wine producer has come up with an equally risque name.

If You See Kay comes very close to sounding like a four-letter expletive and criticism of the name has quickly turned it into a best-seller.

Two state officials in New Hampshire questioned the State Liquor Commission's judgment in allowing the name.

Councillor David Wheeler told local newspaper The Union Leader: "This isn't the welcome mat New Hampshire should display for tourists. We need to set a higher standard for sales and marketing - the label violates community standards."

The wine comes from the highly-rated Hundred Acre vineyard in California owned by Jayson Woodbridge who produces Layer Cake and Cherry Pie wine brands. The wine is a Cabernet-based red blend from the Italian region of Lazio.

Influential wine critic Robert Parker praised his wines as "among the most individualistic in California."

The controversy over the name of the $19.99 (£12.50) wine has helped with sales.

Joseph Mollica, chairman of the State Liquor Commission told The Union Leader: "We sold 10 cases last week. We don't want to offend anyone, but we also don't want to miss an opportunity."